Photo of Salla Ahonen

Salla Ahonen

Ms. Salla Ahonen, Vice President in Sustainability at Neste, has been working on realigning the sustainability focus areas and ensuring that they are fully integrated in business strategy. She has been leading the the new climate strategy to reach carbon neutral production by 2035, which is now one of the strategic priorities of the company with a clear roadmap, roles and responsibilities. The first initiatives, such as including changing the investment criteria so that they are supporting the climate targets have already been implemented.

Before joining Neste in February 2019, she worked as a Senior Advisor at the Brussels office of the Confederation of Finnish Industries and as Director of Governmental Affairs at Microsoft. Prior to that Salla has held several positions at Nokia, the latest one being Director for Sustainability & Environmental Policy. The areas of responsibility of her previous career have been focused on sustainability and environmental related policies, and also featured themes such as digitalization, research and innovation, circular economy, trade policy and smart cities as well as intelligent transport.