Photo: Timo Kilpeläinen/Lusto

Reetta Karhunkorva

Senior Forest Culture Specialist, Lusto – The Finnish Forest Museum

Reetta Karhunkorva (M.A.) works as Senior Forest Culture Specialist at Lusto – The Finnish Forest Museum.

In her work at the Finnish Forest Museum Lusto (2006–) Karhunkorva has been launching the concept of human-forest relationship both in Lusto’s operations and as a tool for the forest related organisations.

She is a member of the expert group on Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage in Finland.

Karhunkorva is one of the three researchers in Human-Forest Relationship in Social Change research project 2019-2021, funded by Metsämiesten Säätiö Foundation, and is preparing a doctoral thesis on forest owners’ relationship with the forest.

Lusto – The Finnish Forest Museum is a national specialist museum of forest culture and the stronghold of Finns’ relationship with the forest.