Mikael Höysti

Head of Department for Culture and Resources, Secretariat for the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM)

Mikael Höysti is Head of Department for Culture and Resources at the Secretariat for the Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM). He is responsible for the Nordic intergovernmental cooperation in the fields of Culture; Children & Youth; Gender Equality and Fisheries (Aquaculture), Agriculture, Forestry and Foods (FAFF).

Mr. Höysti has graduated from Åbo Akademi University and has earlier worked for the city of Turku, Finland. He has a long experience in managing positions in the public sector and he has been Head of Department at the NCM secretariat in Copenhagen since 2012.

During his time at the NCM he has had the responsibility (together with his excellent team) for generating the Cooperation Programme for FAFF (2017-2020), which focuses on two main strategic areas: developing the Nordic bioeconomy and sustainable food systems.

The NCM has also adopted a specific cross-sectoral Nordic bioeconomy programme called 15 Action Points for Sustainable Change which sets goals for specifically the primary production to gain added value through upgrading biomass to more valuable produce.

The NCM is committed to promote and integrate Gender Equality, sustainable development, children’s rights and engage and involve children and youth in all aspects of its work.