The transformation

Need for a transformation

It is not sustainable to continue the current path on the use of resources without seriously damaging the preconditions for future growth and well-being. A transformation towards more sustainable use of natural resources is needed. Not only incremental improvements are in demand but we also need systemic change in the way we think about resources. We need to transform our infrastructure both in cities and rural areas, we need to advance in science and technology, and we need to change the way we operate both in business and daily life. We need to change the way we are doing things.

The bioeconomy is a crucial part of the needed transformation towards the sustainable future. Low carbon and resource-efficient economies can’t grow without the bioeconomy. We need to rely increasingly on renewable natural resources for well-being and transform our societies and economies to support bio-based growth.

Needed transformation will not be easy as it means letting go many of the current structures and habits and it needs to cross the national borders. Thus we need global discussion on what is needed and how to make it happen. 

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