Koli Forum 2015

9th-11th of September 2015 in Koli, Finland

Wealth from the Northern Bioeconomy – Joint Opportunities and Challenges for Business and Wellbeing 

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Northern regions share many of the same challenges and opportunities in the sustainable use of natural resources and in the transformation towards circular economy. We invite high-level opinion leaders – policy makers, business people and scientists – from North-America, Europe, Russia, China and Japan to discuss common drivers and opportunities for innovation, business and policy development.

  • How do we create favorable conditions for bio-based economy and new business within the framework of sustainable development?
  • What are the game-changers? Do we have common drivers? What are the opportunities and challenges common for the Northern regions?
  • How do we make a business and policy turn-around – from fossils to renewables and towards the circular economy?
  • What are the views offered by science and research? What is the consumer’s role in this transition?

Among the prominent speakers are e.g. Janez Potočnik (UNEP Resources Panel), Ilkka Hämälä (Metsä Fibre), Henrik Ehrnrooth (Pöyry),  Barend Verachtert  (Bio-based Industries PPP/European Commission), Xaver Edelmann (World Resources Forum), Yonlong Lu (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Geir Oddson (Nordic Council of Ministers), Alistair Clark (EBRD), Michael Obersteiner (IIASA), Bruce J. Oreck (the former U.S. Ambassador to Finland), Ilmo Aronen (Raisio), Toshihiko Yamada (Hokkaido University), Petri Vasara (Pöyry), Jorma Mikkonen (Lassila & Tikanoja), James Clark (University of York), Mari Walls (Natural Resources Institute Finland), Bruce Lourie (Ivey Foundation), Sixten Sunabacka (Ministry of Economy and Employment, Finland), Patrick Dieckhoff (Bioeconomy Council Germany),  Jyrki Kangas (University of Eastern Finland), Alan Young (Materials Efficiency Research Group), etc. Klik to see the programme.

The participants will represent a wide range of organizations, such as high level executives from companies, government officials, European Commission, investment banks, research institutes, the Nordic Council of Ministers, NGO´s, etc.

Koli Forum is organized for the fourth time in the famous Koli national park. The aim of the Forum is to raise awareness and emphasize the importance of a sustainable use of natural resources and the opportunities of the bioeconomy. The Forum will conclude with the formulation of the Koli Theses – a joint statement on the steps needed towards a resource-wise future.

Koli Forum 2015 is organized in partnership with Ministry of Employment and the Economy and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland.


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