Finland’s contribution

Finlands contribution to the bioeconomy

Finland wants to be leading the transformation towards a sustainable bioeconomy. The course of the country has been set for a low-carbon and resource-efficient society and a sustainable economy. A key role in reaching this goal is played by the bioeconomy. Thanks to plentiful renewable natural resources, high level of expertise and industrial strengths, Finland is excellently placed to solve global challenges regarding natural resources.

Finland is in an outstanding position to develop the bioeconomy. It has always been necessary for the Finns to live on the terms of the nature and its ecosystems. We have been highly successful in securing the viability of natural ecosystems. The significance of the forest related sectors is exceptionally large, and timber is more important for Finland than for any other country in Europe.

The Government of Finland has ambitious targets to grow the bioeconomy from the present € 60 billion to € 100 billion and to create 100,000 new bioeconomy related jobs by 2025[1].

[1] Sustainable growth from bioeconomy, The Finnish Bioeconomy Strategy,

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