Koli Forum Round Table, 28-29 September 2022

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The biennial Round Table event of Koli Forum will be held on 28-29 September, 2022 at the Break Sokos Hotel Koli, Koli National Park, Finland.

The two day Round Table event is an opportunity for the Association members as well as additional experts to gather together and discuss the themes of Koli Forum further. The discussions will aid the planning of Koli Forum 2023 event.

Day 1: Wednesday 28th of September 

13 Coffee/tea 

13.30 Opening session  (livestream available at youtu.be/k41-GNy7mlQ)

The opening session will be organized in collaboration with FutureForest2040 project. In this session, we will hear keynote presentations on the policy landscape, global and EU-level bioeconomy scenarios and market drivers. There will be interactive elements in the session.  

13.30 Welcome by Jussi Manninen, Koli Forum Association and Janni Kunttu, EFI
13.40 Keynote presentation by Anne Vehviläinen, Senior ministerial adviser (bioeconomy), Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland (presentation slides)
14.00 Keynote presentation on policy landscape by Harald Mauser, European Forest Institute (presentation slides)
14.20 Interactive session/part I: Discussion / Q&A on keynotes
14.50 Global and EU-level bioeconomy scenarios by Janni Kunttu, European Forest Institute (presentation slides)
15.10 Current situation and market drivers by Jussi Lintunen, Etla (presentation slides)
15.30 Interactive session/part II: 7 years to go: Present, potentials, pathways

16.15-17 Coffee/tea  

17-18 Session 1: Materials matter  

Topics for discussion: 

  • New ways of producing and using; rethinking regional resource use and human-planet interaction  
  • Resource use, value added (wood) products, availability and replacement of products materials  
  • Linkages, synergies, win-wins between sustainability and circularity in bioeconomy  

Helmut Spiehs, Binderholz (online presentation)
Ali Harlin, VTT

19 Dinner together with FutureForest 2040 participants  

Day 2: Thursday 29th of September  

8.45-9.30 Session 2: Market transitions: Sustainable business examples and market approaches  

Topics for discussion: 

  • Lifestyle, nutrition, and consumption  
  • Wholesale approaches to circular bioeconomy 
  • Role of ecolabels, certification, reporting for business practices 


Riikka Joukio, Kesko (online presentation, presentation slides)
Janne Näräkkä, FSC Board (online presentation, presentation slides

9.30-10.30 Session 3: Who and what is driving innovation? 

Who and what is driving innovation? How is investment for innovation attracted or granted? Which networks and institutions are in the lead? 


Martin Greimel, BOKU/EBU (presentation slides)
Markus Norström, RISE (online presentation, presentation slides)

10.30 Coffee/tea  

11-11.30 Walk and networking  

11.30-12.30 Lunch  

12.30-13.30 Session 4: Regional transitions and good examples 

What is the role and reason for investments? How to facilitate regional transitions? What kind of good examples exist? 


Jarkko Määttänen, Mayor of the City of Lieksa  
Jyrki Saarinen, Institute of Photonics 

13.30-14.30 Interactive session and discussion: Seeing the forest from the trees – The systemic rethink

14.30 Coffee/tea 

15-16 Conclusions and take-home messages  

Photo: Aggilent / AdobeStock