Meet Hilppa Gregow, vice chair of our Board

“My name is Hilppa Gregow. I work for the Finnish Meteorological Institute as a research professor and head of the weather and climate change impact research unit. I got used to weather risks already when I was young and sailing with my family. My interest in the environment started early too. I loved to wander in the beautiful natural landscapes be it north, south, cold or warm. Professionally, I am a meteorologist with a duty forecaster and climate service developer background. Wind, snow and soil frost risks to forests are topics which I have investigated during my research career.

I was invited to join the Koli Forum board in 2020. In 2021, I was voted to become the vice chair of the Koli Forum which I humbly accepted. I am sure that forums, such as the Koli Forum, offer an excellent opportunity for sharing the latest knowledge related to leading our way to sustainable future. Koli Forum can for instance help to boost climateproof management of the forests, improve ways to mitigate climate change in innovative ways, monitor tree health with modern techniques and psychologically adapt to future conditions already.

Healthy forests are a source of joy and life. Trees offer us beautiful colours in the stems, branches, leaves and needles. The roots are fascinating too, especially in the archipelago and rocky landscapes such as in Koli. I wish that we can take care of the forests for the future generations.”