Welcome Finnish Forest Centre

The Finnish Forest Centre (Suomen metsäkeskus) has joined the Koli Forum Association in the beginning of 2021. The tasks of the Finnish Forest Centre include enforcing forestry legislation, supporting the sustainable use of forest resources, and promoting forestry and related livelihoods. The Finnish Forest Centre is active in advising forest owners and collecting and sharing data on Finnish forest resources utilizing digital solutions. “Forests and wood as renewable material possess huge potential when tackling many worldwide challenges like for example climate change mitigation. What we need is active dialogue and collaboration between large variety of stakeholders both on national and international levels. We see Koli Forum as a unique association of professional organisations and are excited about our membership,” says Ari Eini, Director of the Finnish Forest Centre.

Koli Forum aims at bringing together businesses, policy makers and academia and supporting dialogue based on scientific knowledge. “The Finnish Forest Centre is able to bring valuable insights and experience about Finnish forestry and related livelihoods, as well as how to utilize forest inventory data and digitalization to produce services for various information needs,” says Pekka Leskinen, the Secretary General of Koli Forum Association.