Meet our Secretary General

My name is Pekka Leskinen and I am the new Secretary General for Koli Forum Association. I am also the Head of Bioeconomy Programme and Professor at European Forest Institute (EFI).  Among others, the Bioeconomy Programme will advance knowledge on sustainable bioeconomy, bioeconomy markets and smart forestry. 

I have almost 25-year research experience on sustainable use of natural resources and decision analysis. Currently, most of my time goes for research coordination and management, but my personal research capacity includes circular bioeconomy, multi-criteria analysis and life cycle assessment. 

I have long co-ordination experience of research teams and projects, and publication record of more than 90 peer-reviewed scientific publications. My PhD degree was about statistical modelling. Before EFI, I have worked e.g. as a Research Professor at the Finnish Environment Institute, and for joint professor position of Finnish Environment Institute and University of Eastern Finland.

Currently, European Forest Institute is acting as the secretariat of Koli Forum. Secretariat’s main task is to organize, together with the Koli Forum board and member organizations, Round Table Discussion at the Koli National Park during October 2020, and the main event on autumn 2021. The key topics of these two meetings are linked to EU Green Deal and what is the role of forest sector contributing to it.

When I am out of office (or out of home office), I will spend my time e.g. on outdoor sports, listening to music, and tasting whiskeys. I do not have any favorite tree species: all of them have their justification in time and space.