Koli Forum Round Table on October 8-9, 2020

The biennial Round Table event of Koli Forum will be held on October 8-9, 2020 at the Break Sokos Hotel Koli, Koli National Park, Finland.

The two day (noon to noon) Round Table event is an opportunity for the Association members as well as additional experts to gather together and discuss the themes of Koli Forum further. The discussions will aid the planning of Koli Forum 2021 event.

For the period of 2020-2021, Koli Forum Association has chosen to highlight the themes of substitution, compensation, and the role of forest bioeconomy in the EU Green Deal in its activities. The emphasis will be on global and cross-sectoral co-operation focusing on circular forest bioeconomy, sustainable use of natural resources, and competitiveness. These themes will be further discussed in the Round Table event and brought into the larger Koli Forum event in autumn 2021.

More details of the Koli Forum Round Table 2020 will follow shortly!

Photo by ©Gryf – stock.adobe.com