EFI is the new Secretariat for Koli Forum

European Forest Institute (EFI) has been selected to act as the new Secretariat of the Koli Forum Association for the period of 2020-2021. EFI, an international organization with headquarters located in Joensuu, Finland, has started its mandate already in February and is now planning the future events and activities together with the new Board of Koli Forum.  Prof., Dr. Pekka Leskinen is the new Secretary General for this period.

Newly elected Board and Secretariat have created a Action Plan for the period and discussed the more explicit focus points for the upcoming years. In its activities, Koli Forum will focus on developing circular bioeconomy and its acceptability as well as enhancing communication based on scientific knowledge. Koli Forum will seek collaboration possibilities especially with other Nordic and European countries and actors from the various bioeconomy sectors, in which EFI is able to utilize its wide networks. 

Koli Forum Association would like to express the warmest gratitude to the previous Secretary General, Dr. Liisa Käär, and her team at Tapio Oy for their excellent work as the Secretariat over the past years.