Koli Forum 2021!

Our warmest thanks to all participants and speakers!

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Koli Forum Association

Koli Forum is a discussion forum for global leaders.

Topics of Koli Forum are related to natural resources and the bioeconomy. They range from the availability of natural resources to economic use and environmental aspects of resource use.
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Meet Hilppa Gregow, vice chair of our Board

"My name is Hilppa Gregow. I work for the Finnish Meteorological Institute as a research professor and head of the weather and climate change impact research unit. I got used to weather risks already when I was young and sailing with my family. My interest in the environment started early too. I loved to wander…
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Koli Forum 2021

On October 13-14, the biennial Koli Forum seminar, titled “Forests for Future Generations” was organized as a hybrid event, with participants joining in person at Koli and via online connections. Our speakers included Karl-Henrik Sundström (Chairman of the Climate Leadership Coalition), Salla Ahonen (Vice President in Sustainability at Neste), and Alina Lehikoinen (the outgoing president…
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Register for Koli Forum 2021!

In 2021, the Koli Forum seminar will focus on the role of forests in climate change mitigation and in rebuilding our society after the COVID-19 crisis. Moreover, the engagement and role of the next generation in future bioeconomy will be emphasized. On-site participants of the event will jointly draft and adopt the so-called Koli Theses.…
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Koli Forum on Twitter

Get to know our vice chair @HilppaGregow better! If you participated in Koli Forum 2021, you met her online chairing one of the sessions and moderating one of our workshops for Koli Theses.


Our warmest thanks to all our speakers and participants both on-site and online! Thank you @mmm_fi , @yministerio, @pkliitto, @metsasaatio and MW Forest Sense, @_SLU and @metsakeskus for your support and collaboration!

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