Strategic Director, Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Finland

Strategic Director Sixten Sunabacka, Master in Forestry and eMBA, is the head of the Strategic Programme for the Forest Sector in Finland. As a key government project, the main goal of the programme is to promote competitiveness and innovation in the forest sector. The programme is responsible for the implementation of the Finnish bioeconomy strategy and the Finnish National Wood Construction Programme.

Sixten Sunabacka has an extensive role in developing the Finnish forest sector and bioeconomy. He is a member of the Finnish Forest Council, the Research Committee for the Finnish Bioeconomy Cluster and several national working groups. Mr. Sunabacka is the Finnish chairman of the Working Group for Forest Industry of The Finnish-Russian Intergovernmental Commission for Economic Cooperation. Prior to joining the ministry, Mr. Sunabacka had an extensive career in the forest industry.




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