Managing Director, Bioeconomy Council, Germany

Patrick Dieckhoff is the Managing Director of the German Bioeconomy Council. The Council of 17 experts from science and industry is advising the Federal Government on how to best implement a biobased economy in Germany. It was involved in the preparation of both national Bioeconomy strategies (National Research Strategy Bioeconomy, National Policy Strategy Bioeconomy). The council has published a number of analyses and reports on the Bioeconomy. Furthermore, it has started a public dialogue on Bioeconomy in Germany and aims to foster international cooperation. On November 25th – 26th the Council is organizing the first Global Bioeconomy Summit ( for which the German chancellor has assumed patronage.

Patrick is a chemist by training (University of Münster, ETH Zürich). He received a PhD in Molecular Biology from the Georg-August-University of Göttingen. Patrick worked as a freelance for the Financial Times (German Edition) and as a journalist for special interest magazines published by BIOCOM AG – European Biotechnology News and the German speaking biotechnology magazine transkript. Patrick lives in Berlin together with his wife and his 6 year old son

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