Professor of Forest Bioeconomy, University of Eastern Finland, Finland

Mr. Kangas was the Director General of Metsähallitus 2007-2014. Before that, 2003-2006, Kangas worked for UPM-Kymmene Ltd as Director of Forestry and as CEO of UPM’s real estate daughter company Bonvesta. He made his doctoral thesis in 1992 on supporting forestry decision-making of private non-industrial forest owners. In the early 1990’s, he worked as a scientist at the Finnish Forest Research Institute (FFRI), as an Associate Professor of Forest Economics at the University of Joensuu and as a coordinator of a research program on multiple use of forests at FFRI. At FFRI, he was 1994-2001 Director of a Research Station and 2001-2003 Professor of Forest Planning.

He has published more than 300 writings, of which more than 80 are peer-reviewed publications. Kangas has been awarded the Scientific Achievement Award by the International Union of Forest Research Organisations, and, among others, the OR Person of the Year by the Finnish Operations Research Society, Golden Medal of the Forest Management Club of the Finnish Society of Forest Science, Cajander Bronze Medal by the Finnish Society of Forest Science, Golden Medal of Land Survey, Medal of Military Merit, Medal of the Finnish Border Guard, and Golden Medal of Metsähallitus. Kangas was awarded the Academic Forester of the Year 2014 by the Union of Finnish Academic Foresters. His earlier positions of trust have included, among others, Vice-President of EUSTAFOR, Member of the FTP High Level Group, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation for European Forest Research, Member of the Board of the University of Eastern Finland. Kangas is a docent of Forest Planning at the University of Helsinki.

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