Dr. Aronen works as Director of R&D in Raisioagro Ltd., the affiliate of Raisio Plc. Additionally, he acts as secretary general in Raisio Group Research Fund and as docent in the area of animal nutrition at the University of Helsinki. He has a Ph.D. (Animal Nutrition) from University of Helsinki (1992).

Before his current position, Aronen has had several leading positions in different business units within Raisio Group. Before that, Aronen worked as researcher and senior researcher in Agrifood Research Finland.

He has published more than 100 publications, of which 17 peer reviewed scientific articles.

Aronen’s positions of trust include: Euran Osuuspankki, Chairman of the board; Juho Nummen säätiö, Chairman of the board; OP Group, Member of the Supervisory Board.

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