Videos 2013

Tomas Ries in Koli Forum 2013: Its getting worse!

Tomas Ries about the arctic resourses.

Susan Jenkins in Koli Forum 2013

Rintaro Tamaki in Koli Forum 2013

Debuty secretary-general of the OECD Rintaro Tamaki in Koli Forum 2013.

Minister Jayanthi Natarajan in Koli Forum 2013 about Forest and Water

Minister of Forest and Environment, government of India, Jayanthi Natarajan emphasizes the magnitude of Forest and Water – specifically among the poorest.

Mikko Kosonen: Towards Sustainable Soociety

From a perspective of natural resources consumption, Mikko Kosonen, President of Sitra describes the magnitude of change that is needed in our society for it to become sustainable.

Koli Forum 2013

Scenes from Koli Forum 2013 opening

The Koli Forum considers the use of natural resources from different perspectives, with the aim of finding solutions to the problems raised, and then drawing up a set of proposals for action: the Koli Theses.
The title of the third Koli Forum is “FORESTS AND WATER — the key resources for sustainable and competitive bioeconomy”.

The topics in 2013 include natural resources management, resource efficiency and industrial symbiosis, wood constructions and clean water. How will the global pressure on natural capital and the access to raw materials change global production and consumption patterns? Will climate change and water scarcity increase the risk of global conflicts? Scenes from Koli Forum 2013 opening.



Videos 2012

Protecting the Global Commons and Tackling Climate Change by Dr Rajendra K Pachauri

Free public Lecture on “Protecting the Global Commons and Tackling Climate Change” by Dr Rajendra K Pachauri Chairperson of Nobel Peace Prize-winning Intergovernmental Climate Change Panel IPCC


Teri Nordic office opening in Joensuu Finland on 3 December 2012

Inauguration presentation by Director General Dr Rajendra K. Pachauri “The importance of a Bio-economic Future for Human Society”


121128 MEP Cronberg

Teri Nordic Opening Ceremonies in Joensuu on 3 December 2012. Video Greetings from the European Parliament, Dr Tarja Cronberg.



Mr. Janez Potocnik, European Commissioner for Environment: Koli Forum and the EU 2020 strategy

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