Koli Theses 2011

The Koli Forum aims to formulate new, long-term solutions for the management of natural resources – the Theses of Koli – serving to influence the decision-makers who shape our common future.

On 16 September 2011

Thesis 1

Bioeconomy needs to be raised as the driver for sustainable Europeancompetitiveness

This can best be achieved by the following measures:

1.       Global criteria for sustainable bioeconomy sector (e.g. sustainability and product standards)

2.       International commitments on global key targets and measures

3.       Promoting biomass based new products and energy

4.       Globally committed emission schemes

5.       Speeding up the utilization of best available technologies (BAT), knowledge and practices

6.       The forest sector communicated and used as a benchmark of bioeconomy

7.       A minimum of 20% of public building and construction should be wood based  (The promotion of wood as a building material)

8.       Comprehensive Communicating of bioeconomy

Thesis 2

Education is a key factor in raising awareness of bioeconomy opportunities which -combined withh an understanding of customer needs – boosts innovations

This can best be achieved by the following measures:

1.       Prioritization of a bioeconomy approach in the EU 8 Framework Programme

2.       Launchig result-oriented incubation and venture funding culture.

3.       Developing funding tools for SMEs for demonstration of new technology

4.       Strengthen academic-industry (public – private) partnerships in research and education

5.       Fostering entrepreneurship especially in higher education

KOLI FORUM challenge scientists and policy makers:

What we need in addition to GDP is a gauge describing a more holistic approach to the wellbeing of humankind.
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