Lars Gädda

Lars Gädda has over 29 years of industrial experience. He holds a PhD from the Åbo Akademi University, Finland.

Currently Lars Gädda is working as a Research Director at the Forestcluster Ltd (Metsäklusteri Oy). The task of the company is to initiate research and innovation programmes and to channel research funds to selected focus areas. The forest sector’s strategic centre – led by Forestcluster Ltd – intends to become the strongest innovation environment of the branch globally.

Lars Gädda has a versatile technological background, including a nearly 20-year period in the Finnish oil company Neste Ltd and the energy company Fortum Ltd in different managerial and expert positions in research and strategic planning related to oil refinery, energy technology (batteries and solar energy) as well as chemical industry. After that he worked for nine years as the Senior Vice President, R&D, in M-real, one of Europe´s leading producers of paperboard and paper. Since September 2007 Dr. Gädda has worked as Research Director at the Forestcluster Ltd.

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