Kit Prins


Former Chief, ECE/FAO Timber Section

Educated in classics and modern languages at Oxford, he joined the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe in 1972, in the ECE/FAO Timber Division, as a research assistant. 

He rapidly became interested by the challenges of the forest and wood sector in Europe and North America, and made significant contributions to the work on outlook studies (he was the chief author or team leader of three studies) and forest resource assessment, as well as contributing to the design and implementation of the MCPFE criteria and indicators of sustainable forest management and reports on the state of Europe’s forests for the ministerial conferences in Lisbon, Vienna and Warsaw. He led the ECE/FAO forestry and timber programme from 1995, organising many regional events, notably the European Forest Week in 2008, and retired in June 2009. He is now an independent consultant.

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