Koli Theses 2009

The Koli Forum aims to formulate new, long-term solutions for the management of natural resources – the Theses of Koli – serving to influence the decision-makers who shape our common future. The first Koli Theses were published on 24 October 2009.

On UN Day, 24 October 2009

Thesis 1 The challenge facing the Earth is that of the use of declining natural resources, while population and consumption are simultaneously increasing. Europe has a shortage of non-renewable resources but there is high potential from renewable ones. Among these, forests offer key potential in meeting the needs of society sustainably whilst fighting climate change.

Thesis 2 Europe has the right mind-set and is ethically well placed  to offer leadership in global discussion and technological innovation and development. However, investment is lacking and and there are political and economic risks in implementing “green growth.”

Thesis 3 To turn good intentions into operational reality in concert with international partners, co-ordinated and coherent policies and actions are necessary. Cooperation should be based on partnerships between diverse stakeholders and other actors in order to bring about the following actions:

Action 1: Stimulate the sustainable production and use of domestic bio-based resources whilst minimising negative impacts in other countries

Action 2: Develop new tools for economic analysis, planning and fiscal measures, taking fully into account future generations e.g. place a global and realistic value on carbon

Action 3: Make efficient use of land, energy and materials e.g. support dematerialisation

Action 4: Optimise the streams of materials equitably over their whole life cycle

Action 5: Mobilise existing renewable natural resources more completely and efficiently

Action 6: Use finite natural resources efficiently

Action 7: Tailor implementation to local conditions

Action 8: Speed up actions while ensuring sustainability

Action 9: Improve data availability and quality, and information to support actions concerning natural resources

Action 10: Strengthen high-quality science and education to support the development and application of technology and innovations

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