The participants at the third Koli Forum agreed that consumer
behaviour is the driving force for sustainable business growth. The Forum
also addressed the scarcity of natural resources, especially the fact that a lack
of water will increase tensions globally in the future if urgent
actions are not taken.

Koli Forum addressed, that using UN peace keeping forces in preventing crisis related to natural disasters related to climate change should be considered seriously.

The foundation for the Koli Forum will be strengthened in the future. The Finnish
Innovation Fund Sitra will help organize the Koli Forum in 2015 and in
2017 together with the University of Eastern Finland, the Regional Council of North
Karelia and many others. The Koli Forum will again be arranged in Koli National

Act locally! Do not forget to think globally! Of the experts who
attended the Koli Forum, 93 per cent stressed the need for local-level
solutions, if preference need be given to one of these two alternatives,
while the other 7 per cent of the influential participants at the Forum would like to see a
global-level solution.


Theses 2013 will be further developed, working version 19.9.2013

1. The solutions governance can offer for sustainability:
– National foresight, vision and strategy processes to form a long-term view
– Ambitious and cross-sector goals that cannot be reached with ”status quo” approaches
– Theme-based governmental approaches, like special purpose commission and budgeting to themes
2. Actions to make bioeconomy drive the economy and growth:
– Consumer behaviour is the driver for sustainable business growth
–  Foresighting and focused innovation activities make the optimal use of resources
–  Governance can enhance bioeconomy growth
–  All actions should be market-driven in the long run
3.Means to best minimize the risks caused by climate change:
–  Visionary countries and companies lead. Those who see the problem should lead the way.
–  Invest in resource wisdom. For example Pay attention to new investments in use of renewable resources.
– Use the power of consumers.

Koli Forum
Liisa Tahvanainen, Secretary General
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